UL Bohs team up with Ohana Zero Suicide to take part in suicide awareness training

We are proud to announce that this week our Club will be taking part in Ohana’s Suicide Awareness Training Course. We are encouraging our community and club supporters to get involved with us this week. Visit the Ohana website to learn more about this free training course!

The Ohana team provide education that will enable the participants to identify the signs that someone may be suicidal, to employ the correct language in asking the appropriate questions and to ultimately direct that person to the appropriate help.During these lockdowns, it has been hard on every single one of us in the community. We need to look after ourselves and each other!We warmly welcome you to join us in Ohana’s free 20-40 minute training course this week.

he training will provide you with the tools to enable you to:                 

 1.     Identify the signs that someone may be suicidal

 2.     Employ the correct language in asking the appropriate questions

 3.     Direct that person to the appropriate help.

Show you Care, Ask the Question, Make the Call.

A huge well done to everyone at our Club who took part in the Ohana Zero Suicide training! 👏 Visit www.ohana.ie to take the free 20-min course! 💪

See our Instagram and Facebook stories for full testimonials from our teammates who got involved, below 👇


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