Message from our Club President, Alan Ward

30th January 2021

Dear Friends,

I thought it appropriate to communicate with you at this time to keep in touch and to update you on a few club matters. Firstly, however, I sincerely hope that your Christmas and New Year were enjoyable and special for all the right reasons, knowing that brighter days lie ahead.

You may be aware that our governing body, the IRFU, have sadly had to cancel the Energia All-Ireland leagues for this season. This is a major disappointment in particular for our men’s and women’s squads and while deep down we expected something of this nature to be announced, we still held out hope that national league rugby would somehow happen. But it is what it is, and no matter what, Public Health comes first. I feel most for our players, who ultimately just want to play the game they love, but still their acceptance of the situation and their loyalty to us is remarkable. The IRFU must be commended for their efforts too. It can’t be easy managing domestic rugby during the pandemic and we know that they have our best interests at heart. We are after all, all in this together!

I am indebted to our sponsors and to our committee members, coaches and volunteers who continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes in keeping our club afloat despite the cessation of on-field activity. Whether we like it or not, bills must still be paid and with that in mind, a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has honoured their membership subscriptions. You have demonstrated your commitment to the club and this will be reflected in our readiness to serve when normality resumes. The club membership portal remains open on our website ( and we politely request that this medium be utilised for any payments currently due.

I miss the vibrancy that surrounds a club like UL Bohs. Whether it’s senior midweek sessions, weekend fixtures, underage Sundays or even committee meetings (!) the break in human interaction is hard to take. But Robins are resilient creatures, and we face up to challenges rather than hide from them. These grey days will pass and the laughter, banter and engagement will soon return. We remain adaptable to a constantly changing environment and as custodians we are duty bound to ensure that your club remains as one for you to be proud of.

As I write, our social media team are enhancing the various platforms of communication that will improve and grow our outreach. Our community profile is stronger than ever, thanks to the many initiatives supporting good causes by our club and its members. Our finances, though very much challenged, have been prudently managed while our coaching staffs and players continue to show creativity in training programmes, skills development and sports-specific education. How could we be anything but proud?

Before concluding, I ask that the parents of our underage players ensure that their kids understand that their physical and mental wellbeing is foremost in our thoughts. We know that they miss the interaction and fun with their team mates and coaches and no doubt are disappointed with the restrictions placed upon them. You will see further correspondences from the club in due course but in the meantime please do encourage your children to visit some of the many useful rugby coaching channels on platforms such as YouTube. We have worked hard to foster their love of the game and of their club, and wish for that to remain for a very long time.

In the meantime, I wish you and your families continued good health. Thank you once more for your support as we move ever closer to that light at the end of the tunnel!

Be kind to yourselves and each other,

Alan Ward

President, UL Bohemian RFC.

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