Our #BeAGoodTeammate Campaign 2020/21

The campaign started at the beginning of the winter lockdown on 24th October 2020, as we wanted our club to be more involved in helping the local Limerick community through both good times and the tough times. We wanted our members to really stand up and be a good teammate on and off the field, and we are so proud of the outcome of our campaign, thanks to the willingness and the generosity of our club members. We were dedicated to using our club social media platforms to encourage people to wear masks, to support local businesses’ and to help look after our community’s mental health during these hard times.

The #BeAGoodTeammate campaign involves members of the club and the local people of Limerick playing our part to get through this difficult time. We aimed to encourage our community and the wider communities around Limerick, to support each other during this hard time by shopping local, looking out for friends, family, and neighbours and adhering to all government guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are one big community at UL Bohemian RFC and we all want to get back to hugging our loved ones, celebrating wins and socialising with friends – but we know that we have a part to play during these hard times and we want to make a positive impact to Limerick by helping our community and looking out for each other. By being a good teammate to each other, ourselves, and our community, we will get through this winter lockdown in a positive way.

Our #BeAGoodTeammate Video Launched on Saturday, 24th October 2020

We dedicated every Friday evening during Winter on our Instagram page to highlighting nine different restaurants around Limerick each week as inspiration for the community to treat themselves to a local #FridayNightTakeaway. By doing this, we hoped to encourage their club members and the wider Limerick community to treat themselves to the end of a very hard week, while also supporting a local business that may be struggling during this second lockdown.

As part of the #BeAGoodTeammate campaign, we celebrated the end of winter lockdown on December 1st, by doing a giveaway on our Instagram page. The giveaway event was hugely successful, as the prize was a large hamper filled with local products and services from businesses around the Munster province where supporters and followers could get involved and learn about unique small businesses in the Munster area. There was live videos on our Instagram page of the hamper to promote each and every individual business within it, with the aim of encouraging locals to shop within their community this Christmas. 

We hoped to encourage our community to shop locally in the run-up to Christmas, even if it is something small – a small sale for a customer may be a huge difference to a business own. Let’s be a good teammate together and make our community proud!

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