Data Protection

Data Protection Statement

It is necessary for U.L. Bohemian R.F.C. (“the Club”) to collect and record certain personal data relating to each member, including the member’s name, address, telephone number and date of birth. The data about each member shall be provided to the IRFU, the relevant Branch and other third parties to facilitate any services provided relating to the Irish Rugby Football Union’s Clubhouse Website (the “Website”) and published on the Website.

It is the IRFU that controls any data provided. U.L. Bohemian R.F.C. will also maintain Members data, within its Membership System. These systems will be used for management and administration purposes only. Any party receiving the information shall not use it for commercial purposes or release it to any party without prior approval. The Club wishes to ensure that each of its members (for the purposes of applicable data protection legislation) explicitly and unambiguously consents to the processing of personal data by the Club in conjunction with its ordinary business. For underage members, parent or guardian will consent to the following:

I consent to the use of the player’s personal details as set out above and for such purposes as the IRFU or U.L. Bohemian R.F.C. considers reasonable and appropriate (including those activities detailed above). Each member has the right to request in writing a copy of any personal data about themselves which is held and have amended any personal data which is incorrect, incomplete or misleading.